Green Card Application Process

1) Start Green Card application at USAPass

The first step is to apply at the USAPass website to participate in the current DV-Lottery Visa Program. Married partners can each fill an application thereby doubling their chances! Register Now!

2) The application will be reviewed

As soon as we receive your application we check everything and will write back if corrections are needed or if we have questions to make sure nothing will be missed. At the appropriate time during the official entry period we will send your complete documents and photo(s) electronically to the U.S. authorities. You will then receive a personal proof of entry from USAPass confirming receipt of your application by the U.S. authorities.

3) Dispatch of the winning documents

If you are a winner, you will receive an email from USAPass between May and June of the following year confirming your status. Depending on the green card application number awarded to you it will take several days to several weeks when you will receive your USCIS winning documents. This is a form package of approximately 20 pages that you will need to fill out. USAPass will provide you with help, advice and instructions to complete this task.

4) Confirmation of winning the lottery

We advise all winners to send these documents back as soon as possible or at least within a few weeks, even if you received a low green card number from the pool. Confirming your winning status as soon as possible is very important before the quota of 55,000 numbers have been filled. During this period you may email our USAPass staff if you have any questions or need advice.

5) Invitation to the U.S. Consulate

Again, depending on your awarded green card number, you will then receive an invitation to the U.S. consulate near you, anywhere between October of the same year and up to about 10 months afterwards. As this is an important step in the whole process you can count on USAPass to provide you with interview preparation advice at no extra cost.

6) First entry to the USA

After a successful interview appointment, you will have up to 6 months to enter the USA for the first time. Your first entry as a future Green Card holder will be with an immigration visa and this allows you to already go into the "U.S. citizen and Green Card holder" lines. At the airport control, your finger print will be taken and saved on your Green Card and you will receive a stamp in your passport that documents your status as a Green Card holder until you get your real Green Card. From this moment on it's possible to apply for a job and start working in the USA. However, you can also just go on a vacation or even fly back the same day to stay in your native country and plan your immigration when it suits you.

7) Receipt address for your Green Card

When you enter the USA you will need to provide a U.S American address for your green card to be sent to in a few weeks. The U.S. Authorities will not ship a green card to an address outside the USA. You will receive a "Notice of Action" letter first announcing the date your Green Card will be sent. If you cannot provide a U.S. based address of friends or acquaintances that can receive mail for you, then you can use the USAPass New York office address. We do however request that you arrange this with us beforehand. We will then forward your green card to you.

8) You receive your Green Card

You will finally receive your green card, either forwarded by USAPass to you, or during your (short) stay in the USA depending on your choice. Now you belong to a group of proud owners of a US Green Card including all benefits that go with it!

9) Support after winning

For you as a USAPass customer our role does not end here. If you wish or need any help now or long after you have received your green card then you can still come to us. For example if you consider applying for a U.S. passport after 5 years.