About USAPass

UsaPass was founded in 2002 as a visa service agency for the annual USA green card lottery. Our primary mission and goal is to provide all applicants the best oportunity to turn their dreams into reality in regards to living in America. During this period of time we have acquired a huge amount of expert knowledge our customers can profit from. Obviously USAPass cannot ensure any applicant to win a green card, however we can guarantee that your application will not fail because of photo and data format errors.

Because of our expertise we can ensure that applicants will get passed the first green card application hurdle: the application stage. This is just the first step in our mission to assist you through the entire DV Lottery process until you receive your green card (in case of winning). From our humble beginnings in 2002 we were able to congratulate a few dozen winners out of several hundred applicants. We are proud to inform you that at present more then 15,450 customers of USAPass have won a green card, and you can be next.

Many people around the world are fascinated by the U.S. immigrant experience and the choice it offers to make a better life for themselves and their families. Instead of only looking at the USA and wondering what if? USAPass would like to help you change that thought into why not?

Helping our customers after they win their Green Card!

You will immediately notice the difference and real value of USAPass if you are among the winners of a US green card. Our professional staff will help you fill out the original 20 page USCIS form package you will receive by mail. And depending on the registration package you selected during checkout we will help and give you instructions to prepare for your immigration interview when you are invited to your nearest US consulate.

Very important information that you will not see on any other visa service agencies websites:
Being a winner in the US dv-lottery does not automatically grant you a green card! The US Government issues a little over 100,000 green card numbers each year for the US green card lottery of which only 55,000 will actually receive their green card. For any applicant to actually receive their green card they will need to fulfill several requirements like returning a completed USCIS form package, security check of the applicant and your green card visa interview. It is exactly in those areas where USAPass has the expertise knowledge and can provide advise for their customers so they can finish these tasks in a timely manner before the quota of 55,000 has been filled!

Important Consumer Information

Applying for the US DV Lottery is an important step for any person. However, it should be equally as important to find a reputable visa service agency as you will be entrusting them with your personal information and therefore require professional knowledge and adequate service.

Why should you even use a professional visa service agency like USAPass? This is a very valid and understandable question considering the free alternative at the US State Department website. We will try to explain this with the following income tax analogy:

- Each year most citizens need to file their income taxes with their local/state/country tax department office.
- You can either file your own income tax form for free - OR - you can hire a professional accountant to file your tax for a fee.
- Using a professional will at least make sure that your income tax application will be done correctly without errors.
  Another secondary benefit is that the accountant will most probably find more deductables for you!

With USAPass you can be sure that your green card application will be free of any photo or data format errors. Your DV Lottery application will get accepted and you will NOT be one of the 40% of applicants that are automatically disqualified each year because of errors in their application.

USAPass needs to comply with and is bound by strict governmental regulations to be able to operate a visa consultation service in the Netherlands. We are required to prove our expert knowledge and proficiency to be able to keep our business license. We are NOT located in one of the "tax havens" like Cyprus, Gibraltar or UAE where some of the online "visa agencies" seem to be registered for obvious "anonimity" reasons. Please use your common sense and due diligence when selecting an online "visa agency" to apply for a green card. As a customer of USAPass you can be confident that your application is processed accordingly and you will receive proof of completion.